About Atlantic Herpetological

Atlantic Herpetological is the accumulation of the personal ideals surrounding herpetoculture today from the experiences and aspirations that stem all the way from my childhood. From early days of meandering through nature in search of local fauna (a preoccupation that still happens today) to the more formal occupation of captive propagation of high-quality exotics, it is a passion I have held for almost as long as I can remember!

Atlantic Herpetological is an entity that is supported greatly by my wife Cherie Davis and shared with our children. Cherie is no stranger the management of these fascinating animals. If fact she can often be found field wrangling a rogue garter or sexing more exotic hatchlings.

Although the species being worked with varies over time, our primary focus is on animal health and husbandry and therefore it is imperative that this collection remain small in nature to ensure the highest health standards possible.

As the practical limitations for the study of herpetological fauna are obvious in captivity, the desire to see and study these animals in the wild naturally becomes infectious. We will do our best to not only share the absolute healthiest captive produced animals with you from our own collection, but also to share our herpetological encounters from the wild, both local and from afar.

Welcome and thank you so much for being a part of and sharing this journey with us.


Dave Grandy